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Devotees throng to Okanda en route to Kataragama

Colourful birds of all shapes and sizes were not the only breathtaking scene during this time of the year at the Kumana National Park. Thousands of devotees throng Kataragama for the season. Pada Yatra, the foot pilgrimage seeking the blessings of God Skanda is one of the oldest religions traditions.

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Traditions of Ukanta Malai Velayudha Swami Shrine

Okanda Malai, a remote rock-hill on the coast at the intersection of the Eastern and Southern Provinces, has been referred by tradition as one of the places where Emperor Ravana halted for worship on his journeys from Lankapuri to Koneswaram.

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The Sylvan Shrine of Ukantha Malai

Of all the places of Hindu worship in the Amparai District, the sylvan shrine of Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil devoted to the Lord of Kataragama, nesting in the womb of thick jungle and rocks, is considered as the most powerful and sacred.

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Ukantha Malai

The sylvan shrine of Ukantha Malai, devoted to Lord Kataragama, and nestled in thick jungle amidst huge rocks, is the Playground of Valli and Murugan, and hence divine grace manifests abundantly here.