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Annual festival of Ukanthamalai Sylvan Shrine

The sylvan shrine of the Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil, in the jungle amidst rocks, devoted to the Kataragama Deity, is teeming with pilgrims as the annual festival began on July 15 with the Mayoora Flag-Hoisting¯ ceremonies, conducted by a dozen priests.

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Ukanta Malai Velayudha Swami Temple, Okanda

At the foothill of Okanda Malai is the Velayuta Cuvami or Kanta Cuvami Temple dedicated to God Skanda. Here the Murukan temple is at the foot of the hill, while his sweetheart Valli occupies the summit.

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The Sylvan Shrine at Ukantamalai Rock Devoted To Lord Murugan

I have read with interest the story published in your esteemed journal The Daily Mirror¯ of the 9th October, 2004, under the caption, Okanda Devalaya Named Murugan Kovil¯ and please permit me a few lines in your valuable journal to respond to the utterly false allegations the Hon. Minister of Cultural Affairs, had made in Parliament.

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Ukantha Malai

The sylvan shrine of Ukantha Malai , devoted to Lord Kataragama, and nestled in thick jungle amidst huge rocks, is the Playground of Valli and Murugan, and hence divine grace manifests abundantly here.